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You're In the Right Place

I am Katie Hornor, creator of The Flamingo Advantage® Framework, book, podcast and programs to help Christians who own businesses leverage their uniqueness for greater marketplace impact. If there are 3 things I know about Christian business owners it is that you...

  • ​Care Deeply: Otherwise you would have quit before now. Consequently this is also why judgement from those around you can hurt so much. You're in the right place! 
  • Have a message/gift the world needsI know you were created for great impact, and that you likely still have yet to meet the majority of those people. Let us show you haw to find them! 
  • Feel Alone: Business as a Christian can leave you ostracized by both the business world and the church. But God created us for community! You need like-minded people around you to challenge and cheer you. I've created that here, and I'm thrilled to welcome you home! 

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